Every day by David Levithan.

[More than 5 stars]

Ever read an amazing book that had you intrigued right from the very beginning and you just HAD to finish it in one sitting because it was just so amazing and you couldn’t wait to finish it, yet you didn’t want it to end? This was one of those books. To say this book was different from any other would be a huge understatement. Let me tell you a little bit about this book. Enough to have you intrigued enough to want to read it.

He doesn’t have a name. (Let’s just call him a ‘he’, to make things simpler.) He doesn’t have a body. He calls himself ‘A’. He is neither male nor female. He is just a soul, occupying a different body every day. He doesn’t know whose body he is going to occupy next. But, it is never the same person twice. He doesn’t know how, or why, this happens. He has just come to accept it.

Each day, he is a different person. He has lived in every place imaginable. At midnight he changes bodies. He has access to all the memories of the person he is that day. He tries to do all the things that person would normally do, so that they nobody suspects anything. He can alter their memories so that they don’t remember anything being different.

He has been doing this for years, until one day, he meets Rhiannon. He is in the body of Justin, her boyfriend that day. He treats her like crap, and she puts up with it. He falls in love with her. And every day he finds ways to meet her in whichever person’s body he is in. One day, he tells her the truth. She doesn’t believe him. Well, obviously. No sane person would. But he proves it to her that it is true. They meet every day, and slowly, she falls in love with him too. But, there are too many complications.

It was so beautiful! But, it had a bit of a sad ending. Fortunately, there’s a sequel. Yay!

Β -R

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