Don’t be someone who doesn’t look out the window.

They say, in life, the little things are the most important. Like, someone calling you pretty, or someone picking up a book you dropped, or a stranger smiling at you on the road, or a homeless person blessing you when you give them two bucks.

Life is not one grand gesture. It’s a million little things strung together beautifully to make the whole picture.

But, some people are too busy with what they think is important, that they miss what actually is. Yes, you career is important. Making it in life is important. Buying a home, being successful, becoming rich, all of them are important.

But, think about it. Is that all there is to life? What if you were so hell bent on making it in the world, that you lose everyone you love in the process? That you miss out on all the little joys the world has to offer? Β Having everything, but having no one to share it with. Is it really worth it?

There is this line from a song by Alicia keys. If I ain’t got you. “Hand me the world on a silver platter, and what good would it be, with no one to share, and no one who truly cares for me?” When you are lying sick on a hospital bed, your career is not going to look after you.

“Don’t be someone who doesn’t look out the window.” I came across this line in a book by Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess. The protagonist is a lawyer and she may very well become the youngest partner in her firm. But, it all gets to be too much and one day, she just runs off and lives in a small town working as a maid for some very nice people. There, she realizes what’s really important in life.

But, when the people from her firm find her and come to take her back, she goes with them. But, in the train, on the way back, she spots a very rare bird through the window. She cries out “look out the window, you guys!” But, nobody looks up. Everyone is too busy tapping away in their BlackBerrys. She thinks to herself, that these people are married to their work, and in that process are forgetting to live. She feels ashamed of having been this way. She says to herself, “I don’t wanna be someone who doesn’t look out the window.” She quits, and goes in search of the man she fell in love with.

I fell in love with that line. And since then, I never miss an opportunity to look out the window. Literally, and figuratively.

Wake up at 5 AM and look at the sunrise. Walk barefoot on the grass in the morning, when its fresh with dew. Go on a rollercoaster and scream like a little girl. Never forget to tell the people you love that you love them. Live for the little things. Look out the window.


49 thoughts on “Don’t be someone who doesn’t look out the window.

  1. Beautiful post, really wonderful thoughts. But the question is, will you follow it yourself? πŸ™‚
    If you do, you are a truly gifted, wonderful human being. But be warned, you will look funny when you do so. πŸ˜€

    When the “Three Idiots” was released, my old friends wrote to me saying it sounded like my story to them. On the other hand, a majority of them still crow about how rich they have become and how much of the world they have seen, or where they are privileged to work or live, to tell me what I am missing because I gave up on the rat-race a long time ago. In the end, do what satisfies you, not what satisfies the world. I have never regretted the decision, except for one – I should have left this country a long time ago πŸ™‚

    But, you know, I am just kidding. Follow your dreams, be ruthless, do whatever it takes, forget all this foolishness about ideals and living a happy, simple life. It is not worth it. (Except to yourself, all alone, not if you marry, not if you have children, not if you have dependents). 50 years ago people wanted to “tune in and drop out”. Look where it took them… nowhere. Just go ahead and be competitive like the rest of the world, be the best. Never mind the romantic tales of “dropping out”. Sorry to be a spoilsport again πŸ˜€ Hahaha.. I do that all the while, isn’t it? Sorry..

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    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ I do follow it myself. I’ve realized that the little things often mean the most in life, and that I should never miss an opportunity to “look out the window.” Both figuratively and literally. And I have long since stopped caring about whether what I do will make me look funny or not. People are nit going to pay my bills, why should I let their judgements affect my life? πŸ™‚

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  2. I agree with the sentiment! It’s a little difficult for me in practice, though, since looking out of my apartment window all I see is the wall of the apartment building next door, looking out of the train window on my way to work just shows me the same walls, roofs and doors I’ve seen for the last eighteen years, and my office doesn’t have any windows!

    Perhaps that’s why I love blogging so much — looking through a virtual window into the lives of friends from all around the world. πŸ™‚

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  3. “I don’t wanna be someone who doesn’t look out the window.”

    This is very true. We’re so busy with our ‘lives’ that we forget the purpose of it – it isn’t money or fame or success; it’s living. Just a quick glance out and a new life wakes up within us.

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  4. Ah..What a beautiful post. I really liked the thought… πŸ™‚
    The book you mentioned seems to have an interesting plot. The only Sophie Kinsella book that I ever read was ‘Remember me’ and I didn’t like it at all so I never picked up any of her books again. Suggest me some good ones please. πŸ™‚

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