To Ramya, because when I showed you my dark side, instead of running away, you rolled over and pointed out the stars


If your love was a colour

It would be

The darkest shade of red

Vibrant, and angry

And oh-so-brilliant.

If your love was a flower

It would be a Larkspur

Blooming only

In the spring

And, leaving me

Cold in the winter.

If your love was a word

It would be orphic

Mysterious, and beyond

Ordinary understanding.

If your love was a feeling

It would be

The overwhelming desire

To kiss someone

You can never have.

If your love was a place

It would be a cave

In the wilderness

Safe in the mornings

Scary at nights.

If your love was a time

It would be midnight

On New Year’s

The beginning

And, the end

Of everything.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

70 thoughts on “If.

  1. I can literally understand that affection that you feel for a real and good friend. I’ve got a friends who I love and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be able tp put my affection for her into words…
    But wow, this poem. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If my fascination were an action
    It would be
    My fingers rushing
    To tap you on the back
    Just to say
    “Your writings
    Kinda make my day”

    If my fingers could convey
    The same through tippity tapping
    On this tiny little keypad
    Then that’d be just great

    BTW, make sure that I’m one of the first people who get to read your future book that I can almost already visualise. Cool? πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

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