With your intellect

Set my mind on fire

And, watch

As my words

And thoughts

Crumble to ashes

Until, only

Feelings remain.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

This is something that I just wrote. Does this even make sense?Β 

75 thoughts on “Intellect.

  1. It makes sense to me. I would say it in a splendid and eloquent way makes me re-examine what the word “intellect” actually implies or as to its nature. I reflexively jump to think of it solely meaning “the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively”. While this still works, it works better if “intellect” in this context understood as “mental powers,” which is more expansive. There is the notion out there of “emotional intelligence” that is intertwined with the traditional understanding of intelligence. Another way I see it as an “intellect” so infused with passion that it able to break down the abstract reasoning and objectivity of another.

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  2. This is stunning imagery, penned beautifully. It’s one of the most romantic pieces I have read today…to undress the mind through intellect until there is nothing left but feelings…your pen knows no limits πŸ˜€

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  3. i have to say this is one of those few blogs that i usually check up on just to see the latest posts. your poems are really breathtaking and so for that massive talent of yours i have nominated you for the Liebster award-also you are super young!!! i will put the post up on monday though so this is just a heads up otherwise, keep doing what you are doing, you inspire. with love, Eye candy.

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