Your absence


Its icy fingers

Around my soul,


The poetry

Out of me.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

P.S. Sorry for disappearing. I have too many exams. *sigh* You know how it is, right? 

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124 thoughts on “Absence.

      1. ha ha ha ok…this pen name Aysa is from my nickname which is actually Aisa and I combined it with “sabaw” which means soup in our language and then turned into AySabaw >> there’s a funny thing related to soup that’s a bit difficult to explain in English

        usually when students just finished the exams, we have this saying >>> my brain turned into a soup state (meaning empty or doesn’t have meat in it) doesn’t sound funny in English though 😀

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      2. Hahaha, alright, don’t stress yourself too much by trying to explain. 😛 I know the feeling of not being able to explain certain things in english, because it doesn’t sound the same as it does in other languages. 😀

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      3. English, hindi, marathi, tamil. I speak these very well. I can understand a bit, read and write in kannada. Can understand a bit urdu and I’m learning german in uni. 😛


      4. ha ha ha. Ok, I also know some Hindi and Tamil words since I have a lot of Indian colleagues here in Dubai.

        Hmmm…come to think of it? I am also learning German. Also, wie gets Fraulein? I took a starter course last year…I wanted to continue the course but no chance 😀

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  1. Rups!!!😍
    And I am terribly sorry for you as much as I am for myself. I have 4-5 tests lined up before my mid-semester break(It starts from 19th. So, you see?-.-) and a research paper to submit. So,yeah. Totally screwed.
    Anyway, do well in the exams,ya! Make us proud.:P

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    1. I have one on saturday, and one more set of tests a week after that. *infinite sigh* All the best to you too, Vi. :* See you on the other side (where there are no exams, hopefully. :P)


      1. I submitted the research paper today. And the teacher loved it so much he says I don’t need to do any changes(unlike all others.🙈). So, one burden less,atleast. 😶
        But tge next week’s gonna be a pain in my butt. 4 tests continuously are gonna be the death of me.*long, suffering sigh*

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      2. Yeah. Unfortunately. This was the first one we had to do. But I improvised and made a kick-ass research video instead, which covered everything the professor needed,and then some. He was so happy with it he wants to show it in class.*grins widely*
        You,too,Rups. You, too.:*
        If you only knew.😶

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      3. Hahahah 💋
        My cousins beg me to go back to the nerd status I used to have back in school. They used to tease me endlessly about it since I topped all the time. Now they say that they miss her and they want the nerd back. They want this barely passing jerk to go away.😶
        So,I used to be a nerd. Now? Not so much,Rups.I barely pass.🙊

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      4. I knowwww! I wonder the same damn thing whenever her names comes around. You know why? Because it’s always accompanied by a perfect 100,or 75, or 20, for that matter.😶 And I am left wondering, why, God,WHY!?!
        But then again, every other girl in my class here was a topper in her school. So, I can’t really blame anybody, but myself for this.🙈

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      5. Haha but that’s the thing. Since I don’t really need them,and I am lazy as hell, I rarely pull them out of their case.:P
        Sunglasses are the bomb,though.*flaunts trendy white sunglasses*:P

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