Unfinished poetry.

You smear your

Unfinished poetry

Written with ink

Dipped in melancholy

Across your cheeks

Thinking loneliness

Would look

Good on you-

All I can do

Is write

In between the lines

With ink

Tinged with hope

And pray

That you’d

Let me be

The end to your

Unfinished poetry.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

This is getting ridiculous, but I have exams. AGAIN. And, I may have to disappear again for a while.Β 

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128 thoughts on “Unfinished poetry.

  1. Sometimes though, you just can’t bring yourself to finish something. Even if continuing it hurts you. To some people, pain is the proof that they are alive, and if they finish the things that hurt them, a part of their soul dies.

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  2. When entangled together and almost a mess. An end to the beginning Praise the lord Ive been blessed. All is better when with you my loneliness not one but two. Its poetic love my dreams come true unfortunately poems balls blue.. Its a joke to make you smile. Poetry placed in poetry piles. Walk my poetry lines for miles thank you love and god and child.

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