Komorebi- The sunlight that filters through the trees

Meraki- The soul, creativity, love put into something

The first time

I wrote a poem

Was when I saw you

On the forest floor

With the komorebi

Kissing every inch

Of your skin-

Your hands

Weaving wildflowers

And your lips

Softly humming

A tune that I

Desperately wanted

To get to know-

You, yourself,

Were a wildflower

So unapologetically


The first time

I saw you,

I saw poetry-

The most beautiful one

The universe

Had written.


You were weaving

The wildflowers

With meraki

And I was standing there

Gazing at you

From behind a tree

Its emerald leaves

Stroking my face.

Your mellifluous voice

Filled the air

And soothed my ears

The way a nightingale hums

A welcome note

To weary travelers.

The first time

The magic of words

Whirled in my mind

Was when

Your euphonious voice

Brushed against my lips

And pasted

A honeyed kiss.


You breathed poetry

Into my lungs

And rescuscitated me

Back to life.

I will write till

My dreams

Collide with your reality.

-Rupali and Adhi

This is my first collab with Adhi. Check out her blog Words Tugged At Heartstrings. She is amazing!

Follow me on Instagram and follow her on Instagram.

29 thoughts on “Flechazo.

  1. Omg! Wonderfull it is, Rupali.
    Has been a long time, haven’t read such awesome, fantastic, magnificent peom. Great job, woman. Publish it everywhere u can n let people be awestruck by it. I have no words for u and this poem right now. It’s breathtaking ♡ just amazing ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

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