How the skies turned blue.

It is said that

The skies were once

A blur of oranges

Mixed with lilacs

Sprinkled with vermillions

With a pinch of

Periwinkle thrown in.

Yellows occasionally danced

Inviting the emeralds along.

Amber streaks

Sang across the skies,

And auburns would

Join in for the chorus

While burgundy dots would

Watch from afar.


It is said that

The skies were once a riot

Of every brilliant hue imaginable.


Then one day,

The sky and the ocean

Fell in love.

Broken by a love

It could never touch

The colours

Slowly faded away

And the skies turned azure.


The ocean now reflected the skies

And became

A shy shade of blue.

And at nights,

When even blue

Is too much to bear

The sky turns sable

And the oceans roar and scream

With a ferocity

That is heartbreakingly beautiful.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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56 thoughts on “How the skies turned blue.

  1. Very beautiful as usual! A lovely story telling. AND I would like to invite you to be the first “local” poet featured on that blog feature we were talking about this morning at Impromptu Promptlings. Would you be willing to do that? I would love to have a paragraph or two about you and/or your blog (however you want to do it), and a picture to put with it if you’d like that. Then pick out your favorite poem and send it all to me on my Drop Me A Note tab or on the form on the “Sacrifice” post I just did. Let me know by Monday if you’re interested. Thanks! ❀

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  2. This poem, of all the poems I have read (and written) in 2016 is my favourite so far. Beautiful imagery, fantastic imagination and sooo touching. Thanks for sharing and making my morning πŸ™‚

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