La douleur exquise.

Nobody told me

How hard this would be.

Nobody told me

That being methodical

Won’t help me,

Not this time.


That, charts and graphs

On how long it takes

To get over someone

Would be as useful to me

As a bicycle is to a fish,

And that when my friends tell me

That love happens more than once,

I want to punch my fist

Into a wall repeatedly

Till my knuckles bleed

All the pain out of me,

And that when science tells me

That it is impossible to die

Of a broken heart,

I want to rip out my heart

And show that even if its still beating,

I’m dead inside.


I pick up the paper

I printed yesterday night

When I couldn’t sleep

That lists the 5 quickest ways

To get over someone,

And put them in the shredder

And let the whirring of the machine

Calm me.


And then I pick up a paper

And write poetry

Trying to trap my sadness

Inside the words

And lock them shut,

So that when I’m done,

I’ll feel like myself again.


But all I do, is end up feeling

As empty as the night sky

That covers the city,

Without any stars to twinkle

Some insightful answers down on us,

And I think that maybe, just maybe,

Feeling empty is worse than

Being sad after all.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

La douleur exquise- The pain that comes from loving someone you can never have

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This is fiction. Also, this was selected and published by The Artelier on facebook.


56 thoughts on “La douleur exquise.

  1. This is so beautiful. A stunning piece. Sadly, I can relate all to well. Starting again isn’t easy for either party in the relationship. There is hurt both ways often.

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