For the lost and lonely.

You are

abandoned places


run down houses

hidden in a

corner of

a map,

long forgotten,

always overlooked.

I will search

every corner

of the map

till I find you

and, when I do

I will travel

the world

to find you

and your hidden


and make your

abandoned house

my home.

-Rupali Jeganathan \ The Girl Lost In The Bookstore


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This is quite an old one, and I thought i’d post it since I haven’t, before.


32 thoughts on “For the lost and lonely.

      1. It’s a start.
        But practically, when someone is lost and lonely, they hide behind masks.
        It takes a lot more than to get to know them.

        I will be frank. I have come across people who are somewhere in the similar lines of being lost and lonely, but they have never come forward, because it is hard for people to come out, and the reason for this is the society that we live in which somehow has decided how a person should be and anything otherwise is not not normal.

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      2. yes, I know. I agree with you. 🙂 But, sometimes, if you are very lucky, you find people who make the effort. And sometimes, soomewhere inside you, you find that you are willing to make the effort, too. 🙂

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      3. And if I am not lucky, that person is still going to be lost and lonely.
        That’s the thing about making an effort. It doesn’t have the value when the person on the other side doesn’t even want to open up.

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      4. I think you missed the point.
        I already told you that I was trying. The person on the other end doesn’t seem too comfortable in sharing.
        I am doing my bit but that is somehow not enough, because..umm..nevermind.


      5. I believe the people who need a little but of love and effort are not the ones who are “really lost and lonely”, they are just feeling so but actually not.

        What I want to tell you is that there are people who are really lost and lonely and I wish there was something that could be done.

        Since you haven’t thought so deep, may be food for thought, then.


      6. We both are poles apart.
        I believe you. And yes, they can be saved, I didn’t say that they can’t. They just don’t let people in, is what I was telling.

        And your title. Sort of misleading, don’t you think. There is no really lost and lonely and just on the verge of lost and lonely. But then again, you know better.


      7. And I am telling you that sometimes they do let people in. That depends on who that person is to them, though.

        You and I differ on the definitions of lost. But then again, there could be many definitions. Or maybe there is none. Depends on the way we see it, I suppose. We have different opinions. Let us agree to disagree.

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      8. I know what you are telling. Because I have been at both sides, some let me in, some didn’t.

        Apparently so.
        Yours is a wrong pin on the Map.
        Mine is a methaphorical pin in the map of life.

        Why are we agreeing to disagree when we can come to a mutual ground?


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