Written in the stars.

As our eyes lock,

the moon inside my eyes

will cause the ocean

inside yours

to ripple and tide.

We will fall in love

not for an eternity,

not forever.

We will fall in love

for the time it takes

to blink,

we will fall in love

for the smallest portion

of a second.


Then you will go back

to your perfect mansion

in your perfect clothes

eating the finest food

with the company of

your perfect husband

laughing at all his unfunny jokes.


But you would have left

your heart and soul

trapped inside my eyes

hidden between the folds

of the night sky.

Nobody will know

why my eyes glow

at night.


And, if someone asks me

I will tell them

that I once felt

an ephemeral love,

and in that love

we lived

a thousand forevers.

-Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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