Wait for the one.

Wait for the one
who paints oceans
on your back,
whose waves
crash against the walls
of your heart
and make it swell
with emotions
in colours
you never dreamed of.

The one
who shreds his bones
into poetry
and hangs them
like paintings
on the walls
of your skin.

The one
who makes you realize
that your entire being
is flooded with light
the universe
that is folded
in the palm
of your hands.

Wait for that person.
I swear
they’re coming.

-Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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Image credits: Unsplash. (CCO)


43 thoughts on “Wait for the one.

  1. Just wow! I’ve been away for nearly five long years, but it feels amazing to be back and find the poetry you’ve written in the meanwhile.


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