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Let’s get this party started!

Hello, there! I see that you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m an 18 year old girl, from India.

The one thing you absolutely need to know about me, is that I LOOOOOOVEEEE reading books. Well, the name of my blog is a dead giveaway, but still, I thought it was worth mentioning. And I love writing too. This may sound silly, but I write in my head all the time. Haha. No, I’m serious. Then, I tried writing on paper. But, frankly guys- *stage-whispers*- I was just too lazy to do it. And I discovered that typing things was just waaaay easier.

And I’m a narcissist. *cheeky grin*  And way too sarcastic for my own good. I think my death is going to be because of being sarcastic at the wrong time and place. Hahaha

I created this blog because I wanted to share my writing skills with the world. Haha, I’m kidding. Told you I was a narcissist. But, on a serious tone, I wanted to improve my writing. I read a lot of amazing books that are written so beautifully, and one day I want to be able to write like that. And this is the first step towards making that happen. Also, my friend was pestering me to start a blog. You know who you are. *evil grin*

I hate it when people lie to me, when they make fake promises. I have a bunch of amazing friends whom I love very much. And I sometimes get confused between ‘who’ and ‘whom’. Oh, wait. You did not need to know that. Damn! There goes my reputation before I had one to begin with! Haha. And I giggle a lot.

Aaaaaand I’m boring you. So I will stop now. And, welcome to my blog! 😀


Darling, come take a look!

Hello, fellow humans. I decided that my previous about page was too boring, so I decided to change it.

I’m just another girl from India awesome. The one thing you absolutely need to know about me, is that I love books. I don’t just read books, I climb inside them and live there. Books make me feel good high.

I’m absolutely normal crazy and weird. Got-whacked-on-the-head crazy. But, people love me anyway. *winks* Stick around long enough, and you’ll love me, too. You won’t be able to help it. *shakes head*

I’m short, sweet, and sarcastic. And I love alliterations. (See what I did there?) Genius, right? *pats myself on the shoulder*

I’m a narcissist. *shameless grin* And, rude. But, don’t worry, I love you guys. *air-kiss* I’m rude only to people who get on my bad side.

Oh, and I guess I write too.

If you’re not running scared after reading this and decide to stick around, you might want to check this out for more information on yours truly.

Let’s get this party started!

You can follow me on Insta here. I’ll be posting my poems there as well.

Good luck Love,

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

Summer in the city.

This happened to me a couple of days ago. It was a Thursday. A particularly hot one. Surprise, surprise! *rolls eyes*  There was some function going on in my college. I told my parents I was bunking, since we wouldn’t have any classes that day, and none of my friends were coming. Somebody we knew was getting engaged that day, and they had invited us. My parents were getting ready to go to the engagement party, and they got this genius idea that I should go with. And I thought, why not. Let me go along, instead of just lazying around at home. (I’m mentally kicking my past self for this grave error in judgement.)

So, off we went. The one hour bus journey was horrible. The function was beyond boring, and I was sweating so much, I looked like I had taken a bath in my sweat. By the time it came to an end, I was ready to get the hell out of there. My dad left for work from there. He gave my mom and I a couple of directions as to how to get to the bus stop. We were exhausted and did not understand a word he said. We just nodded along, and started walking.

Two minutes later when there seemed to be no bus stop in sight:

Mom: Well, where is it? And how do we get there?

Me: What? You’re asking ME?! I thought you knew!

Mom: Well, no. Where ever did you get that idea?

Me: Um, because you are the adult and you were supposed to be listening to the directions?

Mom: Let’s just keep walking. It’s bound to be somewhere around here.

We kept walking and walking. In the scorching hot sun. Let me repeat it again. IN THE SCORCHING HOT SUN. We asked a couple of people who gave us vague directions.

Me, occasionally: It’s so hot I can feel myself melting.

I should’ve just stayed at home.

I could have been sleeping in my oh-so-comfortable bed with the AC on. *sighs*

Finally, FINALLY, we spotted a bus stop only to realize that it had been RIGHT THERE and we could have reached it faster if we had actually followed a more direct route, and instead we had been walking in a roundabout way. Why? Because we’re idiots.

I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be making any trips on sunny days anymore.