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Somewhere, in another world. on the corner of a lonely street, the clock is forever stuck at 11.11, and two lovers sit on the sidewalk stealing all the stars from the sky and cramming them inside their pockets. Somewhere, in another world, we still live, … Continue reading Frozen.

Darkness is beautiful.

Spend some time

With the night sky

Curled up beside you.

Let it drip secrets

In your ears

About how

Its darkness

Is its most

Breath-taking feature.

-Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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2 a.m.

There’s something About The dark hours Of 2 a.m That switches on The lanterns Along your spine And lets you see, Clearly, The words Gushing mutely Through your bones. -Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore Follow me on Instagram.