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Love at first sight.

You pick me off the corner

Where I lay

Lonely and forgotten.

You take me home

And close the door

And breathe a deep sigh of relief.

We’re finally alone

You and I.

You look at me

With love in your eyes

And caress me oh-so-lovingly.

You breathe in

My intoxicating scent.

It is disgustingly clear

That you’ve fallen.

Fallen for me

At first sight.

Because with me

You can be whoever

You want to be.

A queen,

A mother,

Or just a girl

Who found love

In a hopeless place.

You let my words

Make love to you.

You’re a junkie

And I’m your drug.

Because I make you

Forget who you are.

I fill your brain

With words

Until they all merge

To form a beautiful picture.

A picture that is my story.

I take you

To places forgotten

Where dreams become reality

And anything is possible.

You spend life

Folded between my pages.

Like I’m the very air

You want to breathe.

You’re a junkie

And I’m your drug.

Because after you read me








-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

Love me.

Love me,

And I’ll let you win at scrabble.

Put down the book I’m reading,

Just to smile at you.

Pretend to be asleep,

Just to let you watch me a little more.

Go to the beach during sun set,

And watch you instead.

Love me,

And I’ll write poems for you

Letting my words make love to you.

We can make forts,

And fall asleep inside them.

Bake cookies in the kitchen,

And end up having food fights instead

We can go on road trips,

And get lost on the way.

I’ll let you pick the songs

When we drive.

And you can stay up all night,

Listening to me whine.

We can spend Saturdays,

Watching bad TV at home.

Steal kisses on the road,

When no one’s looking.

Love me,

And I’ll give you my soul

And then some.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore