Poetry is not written

With words

Its written with feelings

Dipped in heartbreak,

With a pinch of fear

Thrown in, with sorrow

Seeping in through the

Edges, and packaged with

Loneliness, complete with a

Bow of melancholy

On top.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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77 thoughts on “Feelings.

  1. sometimes poetry is revealing one’s awe, curiosity, exploration, and comedy too. A departed friend and poet once told me that writing a novel is like firing a shotgun – buckshot; writing poetry is like firing a sniper rifle – the shot must be precise, the bullet is small and the chance to miss the mark is exponentially more probable. It’s a wonderful art I’m glad to share with those who read me and who I read back.

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      1. it’s so cool to read my WP feed. Some days, when I desperately want to write and no topic or sentiment to explore comes to mind- I can read through my feed and find some turn of phrase or thought which inspires me. Thank you for being part of my every day reading experience, I wish you a beautiful day.

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