Month: January 2016

Poetry drips out.

I have scars


Every inch

Of my skin

From battles

That can have

No winners

Only, survivors

And poetry


Out of

Each of these scars

Like blood

Bleeding me dry

Of all the pain


Healing me.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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I dip my pen In the inky black sky And, watch, mesmerised As stars burst out Of the nib Aligning themselves Into a mass Of constellations As I put my pen To paper. -The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

The Mask.

To Rafat, never stop being crazy. Her mask of happiness Is starting to melt The stars in her eyes Are losing their twinkle And her crown of flowers Is withering and dying. Her sorrow, is beginning To drip, through The cracks in her lips And, … Continue reading The Mask.


With your intellect

Set my mind on fire

And, watch

As my words

And thoughts

Crumble to ashes

Until, only

Feelings remain.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

This is something that I just wrote. Does this even make sense?