Reasons to stay alive.

All these tiny skies

That open up

Inside you

When someone

Makes gold bloom

Out of your wrists

With their love.

That is a reason

To stay alive.

-Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore


I haven’t been posting much, I know. But I’ve been away taking care of my mental health. How have you all been?

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28 thoughts on “Reasons to stay alive.

  1. Rupali, I have wondered where you have been as I waltzed away from Facebook last September. It is so good to see something new from you, especially when it is power-packed with your amazing words.

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  2. Hi! I don’t know if you remember but I was part of the event that you were a judge for at PSBB culturals last year? Anyways I really really love your wrting! 🙂 It’s amazing how you create such a huge impact with barely any words. Beautiful, really

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