Just another day with my crazy family.

To my oh-so-crazy family

My family is crazy. There. I said it. My mom is the craziest of them all. Hmm. That might explain the reason for my craziness.

So, today, I called her from college to tell her something. After about two minutes into the conversation, she realized that I was supposed to be in class.

Mom: Aren’t you supposed to be in class?

Me: Yes, I am.

Mom: Then, why aren’t you?

Me: I’m bunking.

Mom: What are you all doing then? You’re hanging out in the canteen, aren’t you?

Me: No, mom. We are not at the canteen. We’re just sitting and talking.

Mom: Okay. When are you coming home?

Me: Uh, aren’t you supposed to shout at me to go to class or something?

Mom: *tries to speak in a stern voice but fails miserably*

Go to class!

Me: *groans* That was horrible!

Mom: *laughs* Get off the phone and hang out with your friends, you idiot.

Do you see what I mean? Do you?

Oh, there’s more. Sometimes, I find her standing near the window and concentrating on something really hard.

Me: Uh, mom? What are you doing?

Mom: Shh. I think I heard someone fighting.

Me: *groans and looks towards the heavens* *joins her*

My dad just came home.

Dad: What happened in college today?

*mom speaks up before I can say anything*

Mom: She bunked classes today.

Dad: When did you come home then?

Me: *groans* Ugh! What is wrong with you people? Is nobody bothered that I’m not attending classes when they are such an imperative part of my education?

Mom: Do you want something to eat?

Me: *walks away muttering something alone the lines of you people need to be tested*

I admit she’s crazy. But, I think she might be the coolest mom ever. She’s also kind of a little bitchy. Again, that explains it. And she is a whole lot of scary when she is mad. I make sure to steer clear of her during those times. Hehe.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go deal with my crazy family again. *sighs*


28 thoughts on “Just another day with my crazy family.

  1. I bet my mom can compete with your mom in this case. She is more crazier. She will just merrily tell me to hang out instead of attending lectures and calls me boring when I prefer staying home instead of going out with friends. See!

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    1. Oh my god! My mom does that, too! She’s like, why are you home for two months? (during the floods when we had holidays) Don’t you have anywhere to go with friends. 😛 And I’m like you should be lucky to be with my company, mother. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol ! I love the jeolous looks I get from my friends. I just grin wickedly 😀
        And the worst part she used to tease me by my crush’s name! ( Seriously? Which category should I put her in ? ) *facepalm*
        I still love her though!

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