The air-hostess job.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated with air -hostesses. They get to wear these pretty dresses, and they get to fly all the time! For free! And they get to go to different places. How exciting! (In my defence, I was a kid.) I thought their only job was to help the passengers! And enjoying the flight, of course.

The first time I flew, it was an eye-opener. In the airport, I saw so many air hostesses, they were dressed so prettily! They looked like dolls. I was pointing them out to my mother and shrieking “omg if I become one, I get to wear pretty dresses!!” My mom didn’t say anything, she was just smirking.

Then we boarded the plane. There was an air hostess who was escorting people to their seats. After the plane took off, yet another one started giving instructions. So far so good. Then after a while, two of them brought us food. Everything was going fine. But then, after everybody had eaten, they came and started collecting everybody’s trash. Oh, well. Seems like we had a bit of a problem. I’m a very lazy person who, half the time, asks my dad to bring me water from the kitchen which is two steps away. Me, collecting trash? Yeah, that was hilarious. Oh, boy. My mom silently started smirking beside me.

Me: *groans and covers face with hands*

My dreams are shattering before my eyes and you laugh, mother?

Mom: *full-on laughing now*

Me: I can see the pieces of my shattered dream on the floor.

Mom: Oh, stop being so dramatic. *rolls eyes*

Oh, and they were supposed to be nice to all the passengers. Even the ones who were rude and irritating. And we all know I’m not nice. I’m incapable of being nice to people who are rude and irritating! And, it turns out, there’s a minimum height requirement, too.

Oh, well. I guess that career path is put for me. *deep dramatic sigh*

P.S. No offence to any air-hostesses out there.


55 thoughts on “The air-hostess job.

  1. Ah, never mind.. my daughter does that to me already.. send me to the kitchen to get her water.. and whatever else she needs..
    But long before you were born, perhaps, there used to be a serial on DD called Air-Hostess, starring Kitu Gidwani.. and boy, who would not have wanted to be air-hostesses then πŸ˜€ Even little boys with half a brain wanted to be pilots just so they could be on the same flight hahaha.. (OH come on… I had a lot of friends in that field.. so many of them pretty but pretty hollow-headed too.. and some of them.. well.. smart but pretending to be idiots… )

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  2. Nice one πŸ™‚ but you know I was named after an airhostess :p …Neerja Bhanot πŸ™‚ if you don’t know who she was just google it out πŸ™‚ as I am proud to be named after her πŸ™‚

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  3. Such a seemingly glamourous job, and yet so much rubbish involved. I’ve never been a fan of trash or rude people, either.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, comically quirky! I’m so glad you did. Your blog is terrific!

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  4. I guess the novelty loses after a while. I mean, how many times can you fly, smile at people, sell refreshments and collect trash before it gets too mundane! But yes, it’s an important and a respectable job so we should be glad to have them I suppose. I’d love to do it for a day (just saying). Though I might not even qualify as I think male flight attendants need to be gorgeous too. (have you seen the ones on SpiceJet?)

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  5. Hahahaha!! You and a air hostess??!! You would be the shortest amd rudest one 8f them all if by any chance you had become one. But hey, atleast your swear words could be colour full πŸ˜›

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  6. I wanted to be an air-hostess real bad when I was a kid too. I mean yes, the pretty dresses. And how they’re flying all the time. And are generally so nice. I also used to think that they could eat all the airplane food they wanted.
    But then I went and found out that they don’t get to ride by the window seat.
    Seemed fair enough of an argument to change my mind.

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      1. Yes!
        I even used to think giving those safety instructions was super cool. Now that I think of it, doing it about 17 times in 48 hours? Not so much.
        My bed is my happy place.

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