What is Heartbreak?

Heartbreak is

Like sitting in aΒ 

Run down building, and

Painting the walls

Over and over, only

To have the paint

Peeled away every day.


Heartbreak is

The feeling of

Being trapped in quicksand

Where every step you

Take, ends with you

Being sucked in more.


Heartbreak is

The feeling of

Wrapping many blankets

Around yourself, but

Still feeling cold

To the bone.


Heartbreak is

Like walking inside

A dark tunnel, hoping

To reach the light

At the end soon,

Only to realize halfway

That the tunnel

Is endless.


Heartbreak is

Living among the

Dark clouds, and

Heartbreak is

The child who

Lost his dog, and

Heartbreak is

That devastatingly beautiful

Book you read, and

Heartbreak is you.


Heartbreak is you.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

95 thoughts on “What is Heartbreak?

  1. “Heartbreak is you”, excellently put that line. Your poem now I must admit I’m tired of appreciating you! Its like an inborn talent bursting out in perfection. Good luck baby! :*

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  2. Your mix of simile and metaphor adds a lot of weight to the heaviness of heartbreak. It is one of those experiences that could make us write stanzas like this until the heart itself mends, which could be never in some cases. I can almost hear you read this, speeding up more and more as you near the end of the poem. Great writing, MBT!

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  3. I told you before also that you write really well, and now again , I am here saying that you’ve written so well❀ 😍
    Girl, write a damn book ! β˜†β™‘
    Bcz I’m tired of appreciating you :p hehehe… ^_^

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  4. Hey, you wrote this one soo well! Touched my heart! πŸ’œ
    Btw, I’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. Hope you’ll participate! Thanks! ☺☺

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      1. πŸ™‚
        I really wanted to express these phases but failing in doing so; this post have expressed every shades and given a shape to the idea..

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  5. For those of us who experienced heartbreak, you have expressed with haunting elegance that experience. For those possible souls out there who has somehow avoided it, they can now know what to expect should they live that long.

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