I want to.

I want to etch


On snow-capped mountains

With words

That turn

A shy shade

Of pink,

The colour

Of your palm

When I pinch it, lightly.


I want to hang

Your shattered pieces,

Glittering moons

In the sky,

Their beauty


In the midnight ocean,

Liquid gold


A black backdrop.


I want to feel

Your secrets

And fears

Drape themselves softly

On the tips

Of my fingers,

Lying underneath

A graveyard

Of broken souls

Hanging in the night sky,

As I run my fingers

On your skin,

Drawing a map

Of cities undiscovered

And treasures lost,

Residing in the deepest

Trenches of your heart.


I want to take


To exotic places

Where the water

Wears the moonlight

Like a veil,

And the trees sway

To the rhythm

Of your poetry,

And show you that

The most beautiful thing

You’ll ever see

Has always been trapped

Right inside the mirror.


I want to paint


Into your sky,

Write happiness

Inside your soul,

Feed you hope

For breakfast-

I want to


You to you.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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54 thoughts on “I want to.

  1. What a beautiful poem my favorite line is
    “I want to feel

    Your secrets

    And fears

    Drape themselves softly

    On the tips

    Of my fingers” there is something magical about it. This has really inspired me to write a second poem. Thank you very much, if you’d like to read it that would be amazing not that you have to .

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow,such beautiful images in each line. I think poetry is in every place and every time and it’s written wherever you desire and are inspired. Beautiful piece.

    Liked by 2 people

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