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If they leave you.

If they leave you with only their memories sticking to your skin, don’t try to cut it out in hopes that you might bleed art. (you won’t) If they leave you with only their names dangling off the corner of your mouth, don’t try to … Continue reading If they leave you.

Darkness is beautiful.

Spend some time

With the night sky

Curled up beside you.

Let it drip secrets

In your ears

About how

Its darkness

Is its most

Breath-taking feature.

-Rupali Jeganathan | The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

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We cut open the minutes And pour poetry inside them Trying to immortalize the seconds. We hear a thousand stories In the silence Between the moonbeams. We see a million colours In the darkness that resides In the spaces between two stars. We listen to … Continue reading We.