Wanderlust flows

Like blood

In my veins-

My cerise lips

Taste like love

And heartbreak-

My cerulean eyes hold

A hundred secrets

To cities undiscovered-

My cheeks are smeared

With a thousand shades

Of magic-

And my soul

Is dripping

With a million colours

That I will use

To paint your world

Colourful one day.

-The Girl Lost In The Bookstore

I’m sorry to have disappeared. I’ll just ignore the fact that nobody cares, but I’m back!Β 

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61 thoughts on “Wanderlust.

  1. Ofcourse we care,Rups. Don’t be ridiculous.*looks at you, admonishing*
    *mutters under her breath*Not that I am around much to know if anybody else is there or not,but anyway.
    Soooo, this is awesome!As usual, a very beautiful, very colorful poem from you.😍

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  2. Wanderlust seems to be popular in this last month. I wrote it and read it 10 xs I think. It is always to read your works:)

    Liked by 1 person

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